Carolyn Fuller

“Knowing that Teaching with Heart is effective and can enhance the classroom experience is important to me since I am generally very focused on the lesson plan. Combining heart-centered discussions with the curriculum will be an added focus to my class this fall. Much gratitude to Roel, Cynthia and Qin!”

Caroline Fuller, Colorado School of Mines

“Through the workshop series I had more ideas for how to adjust and reorganize and rethink my classroom than I had in the past two years, and the focus on mental, spiritual, and academic health was truly inspiring and unique. Too often, professors do their job in isolation and this can lead to stagnation on the part of the educator and the students; these workshops helped me rethink and reform my approaches to teaching by creating healthy relationships to work, to each other, and to our students.”


“I was amazed at how the workshop facilitators encouraged discussion. There was some content that was planned for every session but the instructors emphasized the importance of pausing and checking with the class. It really encouraged participation. I am going to plan my lectures this fall such that I don’t cram a ton of material and be mindful to pause and engage students in discussions. The facilitators also modeled what a good teacher would do, ‘acknowledge everyone is here to learn’”.


“It’s starting to wrinkle with age, but the poster I made of your Teaching with Heart statement still hangs by my office door. I’ve long thought it brilliant.  It’s been up there for years. Thank you for writing it.”

Kurt Freihauf, Kutztown University

“Teaching with Heart in an age where student mental health is at the top of our priority list is something all faculty should experience. Roel and Cynthia are skilled professionals who create a safe and inclusive learning environment where all can thrive.  Great take-aways that can be applied in all learning environments.”

Lia Franklin, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, Colorado School of Mines